I'm breaking up with my Blog...

Hey There. It's me, Heather Walker, the professional organizer behind Functional Spaces Organizing. I'm just returning back to client work after taking a sabbatical this summer and I discovered a few honest realities along the way. The place where my "ah-hah moments" overlap with you is this: I've discovered that running a business full-time, managing a monthly newsletter, an active social media presence and a weekly blog doesn't jive well with the combination of raising three active kids, balancing the relationships with an exceptionally large extended family spread across the country, volunteering at my church and school, all while being married to a fellow entrepreneur with his own multiple businesses pulling in various directions. I needed my own professional organizer to help me out! Though I had a fabulous assistant who made a lot of it happen behind the scenes, keeping up with it all isn't sustainable for me long-term. So, if you are looking for interesting and current bloggers to follow, check out SimpleGram, Kacey Paide or Paul Jarvis, some of my favorites. (I've had multiple requests to keep the 31-Day Challenge going in January, so I'm still thinking about that.) I've love to hear from you anytime if you have any questions or comments about organizing - I do still very much love this work. I'll be here in the Bay Area with my sleeves rolled up getting the job done instead of on the internet. All my best, Heather

PS One super fun project I worked on this summer was helping my client, author Earle Levenstein, publish his book, My Life with Migraine. I loved learning about the publishing business, but more importantly, this book opened up my eyes to the difficult journey of Migraine - and all its devilish symptoms. If you or someone you know suffers from Migraine, you may be interested to check this out. (shameless plug, yes...)

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