10 Steps to a Clean Closet

It's one thing to know your closet is in need of decluttering --when you find yourself buying more packs of hangers, or cramming clothes that don't quite fit into your dresser drawers. But how do you know what to get rid of... or when? Here are ten steps to cleaning your closet.

10 Steps to a Clean Closet - Declutter seasonally

Declutter your wardrobe seasonally. Declutter your closet at the beginning of the season so you can consign or donate season-appropriate pieces.

Toss anything with a stain. You’re not going to wear that shirt with the grease stain again, and if you haven’t found the right cleaner to remove it, say goodbye.

Ditch anything with a hole that can’t be hidden or mended. If the item has a hole in the seam, fix it immediately (don’t let it sit or you may never get to it.) If the hole is elsewhere, or you have no sewing skills whatsoever, give them up and buy a replacement pair.

Donate anything that looks great on the rack but not on your body. Give yourself a confidence boost by wearing clothes you feel good in and fit your body type.

Get rid of clothes with sentimental value only. Even if you think you’ll wear the bridesmaid skirt from your sister’s wedding, it’s likely not true. Instead, donate those prom dresses and old wedding party outfits. (If you must keep them, store them elsewhere other than the "high-rent district” of your daily wardrobe.)

Let go of clothes that you hope to "get back into one day." Instead of holding on to the favorite blouse or pants that are a bit too tight, get rid of them. If you hit your target body weight goal, reward yourself with a shopping trip.

10 Steps to a Clean Closet - Get rid of shoes that are worn beyond repair

Trash shoes that are worn beyond repair. It’s time to give up worn-out shoes. Scuffed, ripped, or stretched beyond true fit? Time to say goodbye.

Donate any fast-fashion or low-quality clothes vs. what you buy now. If you’ve left H&M or Old Navy behind for higher-quality classics from department stores, for example, get rid of the lower-quality items and graduate to clothes that are meant to last.

Eliminate worn-out undergarments. This includes yes, underwear and bras, but also sports tops and athletic wear undergarments. I mean, really, enough wear is enough.

Donate costume jewelry whose time has passed. Stop letting old costume jewelry clutter your drawers, and curate your pieces to things that retain value or you actually love wearing.

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