Reclaim Your Dining Room Table

Reclaim Your Dining Room Table - Photo of rustic dining room table in front of balcony doors and windows

How can you tame those piles of papers on the dining room table or kitchen counter?

Dining room tables can be a clutter trap. In my home, my dining room table isn’t just used for eating picturesque family meals: it’s a workhorse. It’s a mail collector, homework station, coloring station, an alternate work station, a place to sit and read, or wrap birthday presents. Keeping clutter off the table so it’s ready for eating can be a challenge for anyone, so here are a few tips for keeping it clear.

Reclaim Your Dining Room Table - Photo of pile of junk mail

Have a Landing Zone

Designate a place in your home near the entrance where you can sort, shred, recycle and handle all your mail. (You may have a separate place where you pay bills and actually process the mail, but you need a drop zone near the front door.)

Dining Room - House of Franklin Delano Roosevelt - FDR Presidential Library & Museum - Hyde Park - New York - USA by Adam Jones on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Set Your Table

Some of my clients keep their table set all day so that when family and kids come through the room, they don’t drop stuff on the table. Make sure you USE the dining room table for its purpose. If you need to ditch the fancy table with all its leaves and create a more comfortable seating area that you will actually use, do so. If your table is in use all the time for eating, it won't get cluttered.

Avoid Having Table "Coffins"

I call any catch-all container that accumulates stuff throughout the days, weeks or months, and never gets cleaned out a "coffin." We all have them. Cute baskets from the organizing store purchased with great intentions, but that end up keeping items until they "die." Remove that type of tray or decorative plate from near the kitchen table - it will collect, and collect.

Reclaim Your Dining Room Table - Finley Home Quatrefoil Iron Wall Plaque with Hooks

Use Hooks Near Your Home Entrance

Hooks are an easy way to keep coats, purses and bags off the table or floor. I’m a huge fan of hooks over using a coat hanger in a closet.

Reclaim Your Dining Room Table - Modern living room with clear glass coffee table with red wine glass on top surrounded by rectangular cushioned chairs

Keep your Horizontal Surfaces Clear

Just because something is flat doesn’t mean it is a storage space. Same for the dining room table or kitchen counters: create a drop zone elsewhere.

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