OLWH: Taking Down the Junk Drawer: 3 Tips

OLWH: Taking Down the Junk Drawer: 3 Tips - photo of a messy junk drawer with assorted items piled on top of one another

Why The Client Called Me

I’ve been working with this specific fabulous woman for a few years, each session tackling an organizing project that seemed large and daunting: think garage, closets, storage units, moves. This time, though, she wanted freedom from something that stared her in the face daily: to clean up her desk drawers.


There are three ways to deal with drawers - let’s call them, ah-hem, junk drawers. Try any one of these methods if it sounds appealing, and see how it works.

OLWH: Taking Down the Junk Drawer: 3 Tips - photo of two empty junk drawers

Hide It. This is a great method of figuring out what is really important. Dump out the contents of your drawer into a bag or box. (This also works with items from your car that you dump into a bag right before a car wash.) Label the bag/box and hide it for 30 days. Every time you need something that was in the junk drawer, add it to a list. At the end of the 30 days, bring back what was on the list. If you didn’t miss it, pass it on (i.e. trash, recycle, or donate it.)

Dump It. Take a leap of faith. Dump it all into a donation bag and be done with it. (not recommended, in truth, but doesn’t it sound delightful sometimes?)

OLWH: Taking Down the Junk Drawer: 3 Tips - Clean, organized not-really-junk drawer

Sort it. A gentler method, this is what we did with the client. Remove everything from the drawers and wipe them out. (Don’t miss this chance to give the drawers a deep clean - you can even put in new drawer liner if you need to.) Choose what items you DEFINITELY want to keep in the said desk or junk drawer and put them to the side. Sort all the other contents into donate, trash or recycling (and most likely, electronics recycling.) Now, survey the volume of what is left. Instead of purchasing new drawer dividers, which is entirely possible, we re-purposed some small gift boxes from Christmas presents, along with the older drawer dividers to help sort and organize categories of supplies. The result? A visually-appealing and highly-functional desk drawer.

Now, what is standing between you and your junk drawer? Take it to task!

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