Wrapping Paper is NOT Recyclable and 6 Other Eco-Friendly Holiday Tips

Kudos to Marin Sanitary Service for their great ideas on ways to increase recycling and reduce your holiday waste. Some of their ideas reprinted here:

1. When shopping for your gifts, bring your own bags.

2. Reuse or recycle baskets, tins or boxes from year to year when wrapping gifts.

3. Try to find tags and cards that are printed on recycled paper, or use partial post-consumer materials or make your own!

4. Wrap gifts in recycled paper - or get creative! Use magazines, kids' artwork, or newspaper. Or simple brown butcher paper with a pretty cloth (reusable) bow is always a classy look.

5. Consider a potted tree that can be replanted or a natural tree (that has NOT been flocked so that it can be composted.)

6. Wrapping paper is NOT recyclable. Much of the wrapping paper produced today contains plastics or other materials that make it impossible to recycle into post-consumer products. Keep all wrapping paper out of your recycling bin.

7. Did you know NOT to throw electronics and hazardous waste in the garbage? (In fact, it’s illegal.) As you replace old electronics and batteries, remember these items are hazardous waste. Bring them to your local hazardous waste municipality service.

Now that you know these tricks, try taking the Waste 360 Holiday Waste and Recycling Quiz!

Happy Holidays!

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