OLWH: Deck the Halls!

OLWH - Deck the Halls: red, gold and purple ball ornaments

Why The Client Called Me

A recent empty-nester, my client called me because she was overwhelmed at the thought of pulling our her 12 boxes of Christmas decorations. Not only was it physically difficult to bring the boxes out from her garage, but there were years and years of memories and nostalgia associated with all the decorations. Since the decorating season is here, she wanted to downsize her decorations, but she needed support staying focused.


We pulled out all 12 Christmas boxes out and yes, emptied them onto temporary tables. We grouped the obvious categories like twinkly lights and outdoor decorations. Taking a cue from Marie Kondo, we helped the client choose her absolute FAVORITE decorations - the ones that spark joy - and especially memorable items from the boxes, and we kept those available. Some of the decorations were passed on to her children, some items were reorganized into memorabilia boxes, and the rest have been donated. (It’s a great time of year for donating decorations…before the holidays are over!)

At the end of the session, the client felt such a degree of relief she was nearly in tears. And she had a very fun weekend project ahead of her: decorating her home for the holidays.

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