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2016 Holiday Gift-Giving Dashboard in Evernote

Why the Client Called

A frequent client, who just learned to use Evernote for managing her life, called me to help her manage her gift-giving plan. Yes, she is organized, right? Because she was so excited after learning the basics of Evernote, she wanted to create some templates to use to help her keep track of her gift giving for family who lived out of state and her friends.


The client has a very large extended family on the East Coast, with kids and grandkids in multiple states. She also sometimes collects gifts throughout the year, and would sometimes forget that she had them. (Easy to do, right?)


The client wanted a single place to manage all her gift lists, including a place to keep website receipts from online purchase, gift ideas from websites, handwritten notes of gift ideas and a place to take notes to help her remember where she put purchased gifts throughout the year.

To start, we created a GIFTS 2016 notebook. She clipped ideas from the web, emailed all her receipts and made a list of her gifts - and shipping needs. She is on her way to a stress-free holiday season!

Want to see our template? Check it out here!

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