8 Non-Thing Gift Ideas

As an organizer, isn’t it my duty to suggest some non-thing gift ideas? I’ve scoured the web, and here are some of the best ideas I’ve seen. Borrow the ideas this year - I’m going to!

Chronicle your family history by assembling photographs, letters, and important documents.

Frame a meaningful photograph or put together a photo album or book of family recipes.

Give children a gift of music or sports lessons instead of another toy. As a parent, I know these are NOT cheap experiences!

Give the gift of time. Begin with a gift certificate that offers babysitting, a home-cooked meal, or a monthly lunch date with a relative or friend.

Donate to a charity in the name of a loved one.

Give fair trade items such as tea, coffee, or chocolate (and consumable items that don’t leave a trace are great, too - no clutter)!

Give homemade baked goods, potpourri, or a dried herb wreath.

Create a special memory by going to a ball game, to a museum, or on a camping trip.

And here are a few random acts of kindness for the holidays that I just couldn’t resist sharing, too:

  • Pay for the car behind you at the toll booth during holiday road trips.

  • Leave potted flowers or herbs anonymously on a friend's doorstep.

  • Make an emergency kit gift basket with a blanket, flashlight, gas can, jumper cables, and flares.

  • Give away the last great book you bought and enjoyed to someone who shares your taste.

  • Have a re-gift swap. Get together a few like-minded friends and trade tchotchkes.

'Tis the season to be jolly, right?

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