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The Spirit of Giving

With the holiday season imminently approaching, I find myself being grateful for the many blessings I enjoy. (Politics aside, it’s been a great year.) This season of giving pulls at my charitable heartstrings, and I often seek ways to give back to our community.

In this effort, I've decided to donate a day/month for 10 months in 2017 to help a worthy non-profit organization get organized. After years spent in the nonprofit world, I know first-hand that most folks are overworked and underpaid, to borrow a cliche. I am excited about serving others around me in this way.

Recommendations for Nonprofits Needing Pro-Bono Organizing Services?

As a preferred client, I welcome your nominations for a nonprofit that could benefit from physical organizing services. The candidate should:

  • Be open to and excited about working with a professional organizer on a mutually-agreed upon date for up to four hours.

  • Be willing to offer human resources in support of the organizing work (i.e. physical assistance organizing as needed) on the day of the session if physically possible.

  • Be no more than 30-minute drive from my office in San Rafael, CA. * Exceptions will be reviewed.

  • Be a nonprofit organization (focused on youth, education, human rights, or the environment.)

I am accepting nominations from now through the end of January, and will evaluate all suggestions after a brief interview process with the candidates. If you would like to make a recommendation, please email me with:

  1. Name and Contact Information of the Organization.

  2. In your mind, the compelling reason this organization or person deserves some free organizing services.

  3. Your connection to the person or organization.

  4. Any thoughts you have for a specific organizing project, if applicable.

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