OLWH: Rebuilding after a Fire

Why the Client Called: Unfortunately, a client called in need of serious help after a series of tragedies, including both a fire which burned down her family's home, followed by a road- biking accident. She had moved into a temporary living situation and was safe and feeling okay, but not without some sustained injuries from the bike accident. Given this, she was not able to work on her computer for any length of time. As a result, she needed much assistance during this crazy time - from filing insurance documents, to cleaning smoke-filled items, finding a new home and moving, yet again.

Solution: The most immediate and pressing need that our team tackled was to begin filing all the necessary paperwork with the insurance companies as a result of the fire. Next, we moved to filing documents for the biking accident, and carefully organizing and managing the claim process. Our next project included helping to organize and sort items in the temporary home as she looked for a new place to live. When she found a new place to live, our team worked with ServiceMasters moving company, who was hired by the insurance company, to ensure a seamless relocation into her new home after the fire. We assisted with organizing and set up on moving day, helping to set up her children's rooms so they felt settled and safe.

Even though the family was obviously shaken by the series of events, our team was able to help them feel content and settled into their new space.

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