Taste of My Own Medicine: Organized Chaos

Organized Chaos - Organized closet

My daughter came home from middle school earlier this month freaked out about creepy clowns. Rumors were flying full-tilt about some people who dressed up as clowns and came to scare kids (and worse) at schools in our town. We looked it up on the news and in fact, there were rumors and gossip going around about these clowns nationwide. But to allay her fears, there was nothing specific happening in our town. I’m not sure if you heard about this incident or not, but it just reminded me how easily we can get caught up in what other people do and say, even as adults.

That brings me to organizing. It is easy to look at a sexy, glossy home + design + organizing magazine and covet the carefully curated baskets of office supplies (or whatever) all neatly labeled. But in my house, I use clear plastic shoeboxes for organizing inside drawers and shelves.

Organized Chaos - organized pantry with baskets and bowls

It’s also easy to gaze at a photograph of a fancy pantry or master bedroom walk-in closet and feel the heat of jealousy. I know I do sometimes! (I actually reuse Thai food to-go containers as my ‘Tupperware.’ It’s not always pretty, but it is functional!) When I work with clients, some people want their spaces to look like Martha Stewart herself set up the house, and we do that. But other times, and most of the time, people just need to get a handle on their stuff. Or their busy lives. Or there digital mess. Or the paperwork piles building up in the corners…and it’s not always pretty, but we wrestle it down to an organized finish line.

So here’s my advice: Allow yourself the peace of knowing that you actually LIVE in your house. It doesn’t have to look like a magazine…or your neighbor's house, either. Allow yourself to be perfectly content with the space where you live…or at least a path to get reach that contentment. We can so easily compare ourselves to images we see online, or catalogs or magazines…it is easy to feel jealous of the photos we see. In my house, even I am trying to embrace…this organized chaos of our modern lives.

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