OLWH: Leveraging Evernote in a Law Office

OLWH: Leveraging Evernote in a Law Office - Evernote on Macs

Why the Client Called

A new client wanted help getting her law firm to become more paperless. She had heard about Evernote, but she wasn’t sure it was really the right tool to meet her goals. She had also tried all kinds of technology to manage her company’s information, like most of us have at some point or another: Google Drive, Dropbox, Salesforce, Trello, Asana and more. Would Evernote do the trick?


The biggest challenge was that the attorney worked part-time in Silicon Valley, part-time in the Midwest. Her assistant was also located in the Midwest. So she faced weekly challenges of managing client files (in paper form) between the two locations. She also had various forms of information - client personal files, contracts to annotate, research to save, and more. Where could she keep it all and have it at her fingertips, no matter where she was?


I taught a two-session basics course remotely to both the attorney and her assistant in the Midwest. We covered the basics of how to: create different kinds of notes, save and share information, annotate documents, attach critical documents to Evernote files and how to access the data from anywhere.

We also spent time brainstorming the appropriate organizational structure for the firm, so they could not only manage client information, but also blog ideas, marketing ideas and more. The firm also uses Salesforce as a CRM tool, so we addressed the integration between Evernote and Salesforce as well.

The end result? An elated and relieved client!

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