Trick or Treat? Tricks for Getting Organized for Halloween

Trick or Treat? Tricks for Getting Organized for Halloween - Mini pumpkins in a pile

Let’s face it. We are on the slippery slope to the entire Holiday Season. Without raising your blood pressure at the thought of the holidays approaching, let’s do some simple planning. Here are my top 7 tricks for Halloween!

Start with a List

Make a checklist of everything you'd like to do for the Halloween season, such as making/getting costumes, having a party, attending a festival or pumpkin patch, carving a pumpkin, getting some scary books or videos at the library, and taking the kids trick-or-treating (and reviewing safety precautions with them, too).

Make an Event Out of Pumpkin Picking

Yes, I’ve been known to snag a pumpkin at the grocery store to check it off the list, but one of my FAVORITE family activities - and favorite photo ops- is a good ol’ fashion trip to the pumpkin patch. Look online for pumpkin patch events near you, or search for a nearby orchard offering pumpkin picking, hay rides and apple cider. Organize a date to go with friends and you’ll enjoy it that much more. (And perhaps your kids won’t argue with each other about pumpkin size if they have a friend along for distraction.)

Trick or Treat? Tricks for Getting Organized for Halloween - Jack O'Lantern in a pile of leaves

Hold a Pumpkin Carving Contest

Invite good friends and neighbors over the weekend before Halloween to see who can carve the most interesting, scariest, or funniest pumpkin. If small kids will be coming, be sure to have mini pumpkins and magic markers or stickers on hand, too.

Buy Treats Ahead of Time

As much as we might dread the dentist visit after Halloween, let’s face it…this holiday can be a green light to indulge. Go ahead - pick up your Halloween treats now - before the last minute.

Trick or Treat? Tricks for Getting Organized for Halloween - Halloween Decor

Do NOT Buy More Halloween Decorations

I’m tempted, like many, to pick up a few MORE cute Halloween decorations in the store this time of year. Resist the urge! What looks cute in the store (with creative professionals setting the stage to lure you) will soon become clutter in your garage. Just use what you’ve got to-date. Seriously.

Get Ready for the Parties

If you have plans to go to a Halloween party, figure out what you’ll need to bring - and wear - to the event. Don’t wait until the day of to start dealing.

Proper Put-Away

After Halloween, take the time to store and organize costumes and decorations in reusable containers. Your future self will appreciate having it all organized when you pull it out again next year!

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