OLWH: Choosing the Right Mover - Questions to Ask

OLWH: Choosing the Right Mover: Questions to Ask - Moving boxes in an empty room

Why the client called

A busy working single mother needed help moving her elderly father from a 4-story apartment to a one-story condo near her own home. The stress created from a transition for a senior can become overwhelming - for all parties involved. My team and I helped pack the client’s father in one day and move the next.

In this case, the client had a friend of a friend moving them to save money instead of using a moving company that I had worked with. In preparation to work with the movers, here are some questions we made sure to cover - and anyone moving should do the same:

  1. Can you give me the references of satisfied customers?

  2. How long has your company been in business?

  3. Are you insured? What kind of liability coverage do you have?

  4. What will happen if an item is damaged?

  5. For a local move, how does your company charge: by the hour, number of workers, or weight?

  6. Do you charge for travel time to and from my house?

  7. What do you consider extra services and how much do you charge for them?

  8. Do you charge if I have an unusual number of steps at either location?

  9. Who does the actual packing and the loading?

  10. Are workers covered by worker’s compensation?

  11. What kind of cancellation policy do you have?

  12. How can I pay for the move?

  13. Do you guarantee pick up and delivery dates? (If you have a long-distance move, this is especially important!)

  14. How do you pack fragile items like electronics? antiques? musical instruments?

  15. What kind of inventory system do you use?

  16. What supplies do you include?

  17. Do you get any money back for returning boxes on the same day as the unpack?

  18. Will the movers bring refrigerator items? If so, how do they transport these?

OLWH: Choosing the Right Mover: Questions to Ask - Couple moving an orange cloth chair up a set of stairs


You never want to pay for a move in full up-front or provide a large deposit. Only pay in full once your items have been safely delivered and accounted for. If you notice something missing or damaged, make sure you verify that in the mover’s presence.

Happy Transitions!


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