OLWH: Organizing for Dogs - and Humans

OLWH: Organizing for Dogs - and Humans -- brown dog looking up and the left

Why the Client Called

I got a call from the CEO of a medium-sized business (45+ employees) that specializes in dog daycare and boarding. As a dog-lover, I was very eager to work with this client. But with the challenges of too little space and too many years of unresolved clutter from various staff and managers, the job was, let’s say, Great Dane-sized.

OLWH: Organizing for Dogs - and Humans -- Making use of all available storage space with bins of various sizes


For business reasons, the company dedicated nearly every usable inch of space for taking care of dogs, which meant that the people who worked there really had to squeeze into tight workspaces. The small office held three workstations plus paper records of all dog clients, employee records and all reference materials. The care-taking staff had a small break room for relaxing (when time,) and the floor managers had dark and tight areas to manage the comings and goings of their dog clients’ needs. All of the focus on the care of the dogs was great - the staff truly loved their jobs from that perspective. But in general, the tight (and smelly, must confess) working quarters had a significant impact on staff morale.

OLWH: Organizing for Dogs - and Humans -- Larger bins on racks with a designated clipboard for tracking inventory


This was not an overnight project. With over 1200 square feet of warehouse space and two stories, this was a consistent and regular project for about three months. Our Functional Spaces team sorted through all storage areas, weeding out old and unused supplies and broken items (old dog kennels, broken dog beds, old marketing materials…and more).

We worked alongside the kennel staff to update the dog food prep area, food storage areas, and to create individual homes for the resident dogs’ personal items. We also updated the staff kitchen, with bright clean new (human) food containers and a clean new kitchen area. Another major success involved We setting up a new workstation for the floor managers, as well as refreshing and decluttering the main management office. At the end of the project, staff morale was at an all time high. Not only did the staff love the dogs, they loved their jobs again.

OLWH: Organzing for Dogs - and Humans -- Labeled and organized cabinets and bins

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