OLWH: Harnessing the Power of Evernote at Work

OLWH: Harnessing the Power of Evernote at Work - Coworkers work on computers seated next to one another

Why the Client Called

A small technology-infrastructure business reached out for help. Evernote was one of their technology tools, alongside many others, and the company needed help to fully leverage the features of Evernote to address some of their main day-to-day challenges.


The company faced challenges similar to others in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment. They suffered from:

  • Inefficient communication and collaboration among team members.

  • Lack of scalability with their current workflows.

  • Losing money and productivity as a result of purchasing a software tool but not training the staff how to use it.

  • Impacts of attrition when a key employee left the company: they lost the value-add of the employee’s work when he walked out the door.

OLWH: Harnessing the Power of Evernote at Work - Evernote logo on green background with sketches of notebooks


A carefully-crafted staff training was put together for this company. First, we started by identifying departmental champions in each division. We offered a 3-hour administrator’s training to these employees.

Then, we moved on to each department, and provided basic Evernote training - how to navigate Evernote, how to create and share work, how to use it on your mobile device, and tips and tricks.

From there, our team moved forward to help establish formal protocols and workflow process leveraging the features of Evernote Business. At the end of the initial training period, we continue to offer a follow-up maintenance plan to help support the department champions when employees come or go.

At the end of the day, the company employees have learned how to:

  • Leverage Evernote as their primary day-to-day productivity tool

  • Create and share notes, research, and projects

  • Prepare for company growth with templates and standard process for workflows

  • Retain company intelligence, even when a staff person leaves the company.

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