Reduce Your Vacation Clutter

Reduce Your Vacation Clutter - Send Yourself a Vacation Postcard: box of vintage photos and postcards

I remember as a kid pouring through shop after shop of the same stuff (nicely put) in gift shops around Destin Beach, Florida, where my family went each year for downtime. And I remember begging my mother to use my money to buy t-shirts, ceramic captain heads and more….stuff (to put it nicely again.) I remember that she didn’t really approve of all that useless spending, but hey - it was my allowance and I was stubborn!

Fast forward to raising my own kids. Vacation has somehow come to include a ‘vacation allowance’ in which my own kids insist on purchasing useless stuff (to put it nicely, again!) And I do the same as my own mother…grimace as I walk up to the check-out stand with my kids overjoyed at the thrill of purchasing a conch shell and a “Cape Cod” t-shirt.

I recently read a blog post from my colleague and inspiration Kacy Paide, and I thought I would share the essence of the post - as the message is worth spreading. Don’t bring home clutter from vacation.

Kacy has a client who has a great solution to the vacation clutter creep. She sends herself postcards from the destination, written in the style of a journal entry. She has a beautiful, soulful collection of these cards, truly immortalizing the moods, lessons, inspiration, and adventures she’s collected.

Here’s a sample line from a postcard from South Africa:

“You pet a cheetah! The landscapes took your breath away. The animals and the open safari were majestic. The creative garden spaces inspired ideas for my backyard green and floral oasis…"

Collecting memories takes up a lot less space that collecting vacation tchotchkes. Give it a try. You’ll probably be glad you did.

Have some other ideas for preserving the memories? Let us know in the comments!

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