OLWH: Unusual Uses for a Spare Bedroom

Realize you have more space than you thought? Empty-nesters can reclaim functionality from a former bedroom.

I’ve been working with a client for a few years now, and watched as her children both grew up and graduated from high school. As of this spring, one of her kids has finished college and is moving into her own apartment. Parenting success!

With both children out of the house, we had a surprisingly good time coming up with creative ideas on what to do with their former bedrooms. In this case, we are going to create a home office for her husband. But here are some of the other ideas we came up, just for fun.

Turn it into a master closet

OLWH: Unusual Uses for a Spare Bedroom - Create a Master Walk-In Closet

Have built-ins put in to house your entire wardrobe - instead of checking various closets in your home for coats or shoes or dresses. Put it all in one place.

Create a place to…create

OLWH: Unusual Uses for a Spare Bedroom - Create a space to...create!

Remember your elementary school art room classrooms? Put in a table that you don’t mind getting messy (or paint it a bright color that brings you joy), set up art supplies and leave them for when inspiration strikes. Or if you are a musician, order yourself some guitar hooks and give those instruments the respect they deserve. use the space to play - no matter your passion.

Create a Library

OLWH: Unusual Uses for a Spare Bedroom - Create a home library

Like that collection of books? Create a formal library complete with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, maybe even a picturesque and functional library ladder, a comfortable easy reading chair and a table (but no computer!) A reader or writer’s bliss.

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