Taste of My Own Medicine: How Evernote Got Rid of my Poison Oak

Taste of my Own Medicine - How Evernote Got Rid of my Poison Oak

Earlier this summer I unintentionally enabled poison oak to take hold of my eyes, face and neck. It was miserable, as anyone who has had poison oak can attest to. Of course, it was a Saturday when my eyes had nearly swollen shut, so I couldn’t go see my regular doctor. I had to visit urgent care and wound up with a prescription for Prednisone. Thanks to Evernote, however, I had everything I needed for the urgent care and for an insurance claim. Here’s how.

Set up a Healthcare File in Evernote

If you spend 20 minutes today collecting paperwork related to health care in one place, and get it into Evernote, you will be glad you did next time you are faced with a healthcare surprise.

  1. Create a new notebook called “Healthcare” in your Evernote account. This is where you will save all your family’s medical information. (I also share this notebook with my husband.)

  2. Capture and save photos/scans of medical ID cards. Use Evernote’s camera on your phone to snap a photo of the front and back side of your insurance card. You’ll also have copies of important phone numbers at your fingertips as well.

  3. Snap a photo of your prescription labels. The next time you need to call for a refill, your prescription number will be at your fingertips.

  4. Save immunization records, medical histories and test results. Much of our medical documentation is now available online, so you can use the Web Clipper to save it as a searchable note in Evernote. Or, if you have paper copies, scan those in as well.

  5. Digitize Benefits and Policy Information so you can more easily find the answers to a specific question, such as “What is my co-pay?” Using a scanner with OCR-enabled technology so that these can become searchable PDFs, save them to Evernote.

  6. Clip, scan or save PDFs of insurance claim forms so you can find them quickly, which is half the battle of making an insurance claim. You can also save copies of completed forms to have as back-up.

  7. Organize notes with tags for quicker searches. The primary reason for putting all of this information into Evernote is so you can have it when you need it, no matter where you care. Once this is saved into Evernote, you can save tags to help with searches. Here are a few examples:

  8. Benefit type: “Dental” “Vision” “Doctor:

  9. Person: name of dependents or family members

  10. Type of Info: “accounting”, “Claims”, “Reference"

Though I don’t wish poison oak - or ANY accident on you, I do hope you’ll feel more prepared next time an unexpected medical emergency rears its loathsome head.

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