OLWH: Rightsizing Your Life After a Divorce

Why the Client Called: Usually clients call me when a major life event has happened. A marriage, a birth, a death - or a divorce. This life event creates a temporary sense of chaos, of disorder, or of pain, and the client needs assistance climbing back into a new reality. People contemplating, in the midst of, or recovering from divorce often are preoccupied with thoughts of uncertainty. Staying organized during this transition period can be hard but it saves time, money and best of all – peace of mind. Recently, a woman called for just this reason: she wanted help rightsizing her life after a divorce.

Challenge: The most common challenge after any divorce (in terms of organization, that is) is making room for all of life’s things in a new home - which is usually smaller than the original family home. I’ve helped people downsize from 10,000 square feet to 6,000 square feet, or from 2,000 square feet to 900 square feet. The issue is the same: What to bring, what to leave behind. The actual hassle of moving can also weigh someone down, especially in the middle of a crazy time like a divorce.

Solution: My advice in each case: bring what you love. There is enough emotional weight around a divorce - especially if there are children in the family. So no need to bring along something that you don’t absolutely love into your new space! In this specific case, I worked with the client to prepare for the move. First, we decluttered old clothes, shoes, piece of furniture, and items she’d been storing for no real reason. Together, we also walked through the new home and did some space planning to ensure that her furniture would fit - so we could sell or donate what wouldn’t fit.

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