10 Things to do Before You Go on Vacation

I’m limping across the finish line of the end of the school year, but I’ve got my eyes fixed on one thing, really: Vacation! Yes, summer is just about here.

If you are headed out for some summer fun, take some time to get organized before you leave for vacation. Add these 10 things to your “to-do” list to enjoy a carefree trip.

Pile of junk mail, newspaper
Cat, small dog, and kitten
  1. Stop the mail and the newspaper. You can request the US Post Office to hold your mail by completing this simple form here. And give your newspaper a ring, too. Nothing screams “out of town!” like a pile of newspapers in the driveway.

  1. Trash and Recycling. Don’t forget to ask a friend or neighbor to put out your trash and recycling cans - and more importantly, bring them back in, too.

  2. Make travel arrangements to and from the airport. You don’t want to get stuck on your return with no way to make the ‘last mile’ of your trip from the airport to your own bed.

  3. Don’t forget the pets! Find someone to take good care of your animals. For tips on finding good pet sitter, check out PetMD’s article here.

  1. Clean out your refrigerator. Who wants to come home to leftover spaghetti smells? And don’t leave too much food in the freezer - just in case the power goes out while you’re gone.

  2. Unplug your appliances. You don’t need any “vampires” sucking electricity while you are away - nor catching fire.

  3. Douse those household plants. Attend to grass or landscaping in the front yard so your home doesn’t look abandoned.

Daffodil bulbs in basket

  1. Set up motion-detector lights or light timers.

  2. Adjust the thermostat.

  3. Clean up your house. There is nothing better than coming home to a clean house - and almost nothing worse than coming home to a dirty one.

Your family may have additional items to add that are specific to your circumstances. Be sure to post the list in plain view for others to add to as needed.

Traveling mercies!

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