A Taste of My Own Medicine: Kids CAN Pack for Themselves!

Traveling with Kids - What to Pack

Our family travels. A lot. With six grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins on the East coast, my kids have more frequent flier points than I did when I was 25!

And let me tell you this: I can’t keep up with packing for them. I’ve got enough to do before a trip - can you relate? As it turns out, they CAN do it for themselves. It’s even fun. Here are a few tips to avoid packing headaches:

Traveling with Kids - Family Chores Before We Go List
  1. Start with a checklist. Sure, I give basic guidelines as to potential weather conditions and how long we’ll be gone, but it’s up to my kids to choose their clothes. (Which means a lot less bickering when we get there, too.)

  1. Make a list of chores. There are always things you have to do before you leave town. Enlist the kids to help you think it all through. Sometimes they can remember little details that I don’t.

  1. Packing tips:

Kids CAN Pack for Themselves! - Child Packing Clothes with List
  • Teach them to roll up their clothes. It makes efficient use of the suitcase space, and believe it or not, clothes don’t wrinkle too badly. Think of this as Konmari for your suitcase.

  • For bulky items, throw a rubber band around the piece to keep it contained.

Traveling with Kids - Roll and Rubberband clothes to keep them neat and organized in a suitcase

  • Use plastic bags for grouping categories of clothes. Like socks & undies, for example. Or sometimes you could put each day’s outfit in a bag ready to grab.

Traveling with Kids - Bundle like clothes together and put them in a plastic zip-top bag

  1. And my favorite tip? Zip it up…and let’s go! Each of my kids has a carry-on size roller bag on wheels. We do curbside check-in at the airport, but we don’t actually check the bags until we get to the gate. This saves us from paying the checked bag fee. And really, my kids think they are pretty cool while wheeling around their own luggage. It works for us all!

Traveling with Kids - Zip it up and go; avoid checked bag fees by doing curbside check-in and bringing carry-on suitcases to the gate!

Happy traveling this summer!

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