OLWH: Reorganizing Your Linen Closet

Heather in front of client's newly-labeled and organized Elfa linen closet solution

Why the Client Called: A client called because she had just taken advantage of the Elfa Sale at the Container Store. Yippee! Her closet looked like a photo from a catalog - the problem was, nothing was in it. HELP!

Solution: She called Functional Spaces to set it up right the first time - and to get it labeled so she could keep up with the new system. No sweat for us!

Outcome: Not only does the closet look good, it is completely functional and efficient. Now there is a place for beach towels - separate from the guest linens and extra pillow cases. Voila! For additional tips, see my recent blog post: Tricks for Organizing Your Linen Closet.

#closet #OLWH

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