Help Wanted! A Review of TaskRabbit

You are B-U-S-Y. I get it. Guess what? Me, too. And I’m not being sarcastic here…I really understand. However, rather than pontificate about how we are loosing ourselves in craziness and our culture is drowning in information overload, I want to give you some tactical resources to do something about it.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to review various support services that I have personally used - or I know someone directly who has - to give you a place to go for help.

​First up, TaskRabbit.

This company helps you find a (nearly immediate) person to do certain tasks for you. Getting pastries for your office meeting, moving or hauling, assembling IKEA furniture, data entry, compiling business data on hundreds of companies, mailing brochures out… and more.

With TaskRabbit, you create an account and sign in, specify what kind of job you need done and TaskRabbit can match your task to “taskers” that are qualified to do work in that field.

*USER TIP: I find that the mobile app is a little quicker and more intuitive than the website…but only by a margin. So don’t be afraid to try to website version, too.

Here’s a breakdown of the Pros & Cons of TaskRabbit:


1. Quality Taskers: Hiring people through an online service can spark some questions about the character and credibility of the person. TaskRabbit addresses this issue directly and offers a trust and safety guarantee about the work of their taskers. The company is big on trust and safety - their livelihood depends on it. They conduct a background and criminal records check on the people who sign up to become taskers, as well as having them complete exams if needed. This way you know that the tasker you are hiring is qualified for the job.

2. Safe Transactions: The exchange of money is always a major concern when hiring individuals from online service websites. With TaskRabbit, cash does not change hands for any job - all payments and reimbursements are handled on their end. Pay TaskRabbit and they will be the ones to wire they payment to the tasker once the job is completed. This ensures that you only pay when the job is complete, and the takser is ensured that the employer has the money to pay them.

3. Online AND PHONE Support: TaskRabbit offers 24/7 online support. And for urgent issues, you can call them at 844-340-TASK between 7am-6pm PST on weekdays, and a shorter window on the weekends.



1. Service Fee: TaskRabbit does not charge you anything for signing up, but it does charge a 20% commission rate on all tasks. This can affect the tasker’s rate they offer to you, since they have to compensate for the rather high commission rate charged to them.

2. Task Completion Guarantee: TaskRabbit does not offer a form of task completion insurance, meaning you still run the risk of that tasker not actually completing the project, or doing a poor job. You are only allowed to leave a review of a tasker who completes a job, so if someone is a no-show, you can’t leave a poor review of the tanker. (Though you don’t have to pay for an incomplete task, so you don’t loose money.)

3. Somewhat limited availability: Because I live in the Bay Area, I have the luxury of resources like this. And so do you if you live in one of the 19 cities where TaskRabbit operates. But if not, you’ll have to sit tight while the company grows.


***IMPORANT CAVEAT: I'm a simple consumer of TaskRabbit services. I do not officially endorse nor do I get paid in any way from TaskRabbit company.

If you are interested in a great, 10-step read on the relationship between Happiness and Busyness, check out this awesome blog post on Tiny Buddha.

Do you have other suggestions for how to get your tasks done? Let me know on Facebook.

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