OLWH: From Boy to Tween: Clutter-busting a Kid’s Room

Why the Client Called: A client called in desperate need of help cleaning out her son’s room. Right before her eyes he had grown from a little kid to a tween. (Sound familiar?) She was not sure how to make his room ‘grow’ with him. “Messy Room” is almost synonymous with growing kids. So many changes are happening in their lives, they can hardly keep up - not to mention make their bed.

Solution: Let’s face it: Kids are natural collectors. So, it makes sense to give them somewhere to stylishly display their stuff. Every kids room should have a sturdy bookshelf to display treasures, books and toys. I personally love the Ikea Kallax shelf - it has a small footprint on the floor and takes advantage of vertical wall space.

Outcome: Even though the boy may not keep his room neat from here until he leaves the house and moves on with his life, he’s got a more sane and calm room - with spaces to put his collections, pet iguana and his growing boys stuff.

You can see the before and after photos in the gallery on this post. Can you guess which photos are the BEFORE…and which are the AFTER?


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