OLWH: Marriage = LOVE (+ more stuff!)

Why the client called: A long-time client called with excellent news - she was getting married! She and her fiancé were ecstatic, to say the least. They were also feeling slightly overwhelmed at the thought of combining their two separate households and the basic physical stuff they each owned…into one place.

Solution: The couple had made decisions about how to use the existing space before I arrived, which is a key part of the solution (discussing expectations.) The next step was for both people to pair down what they no longer needed in their lives…and that is where Functional Spaces came in. We helped clean out closets and storage areas so that two lives could happily fit in the one house. We also got rid of duplicate items (like moving out an extra bed in a guest room to make room for a new home office for the fiancé.) We also spent a fair amount of time in the master closet - pairing down both people’s clothes so that they could easily have room for both people.

Outcome: The house is now fully ready to accommodate two lives where there had been just one. We found a decorating scheme that worked for both people - so that each person is surrounded by the things that spark joy in their new life together.

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