A Taste of My Own Medicine: Kid's Closets

Confession of a professional organizer: This is a real-life photo of my own daughter's closet. BEFORE. (Just wait until AFTER...)

I spend so much of my life helping other people declutter that sometimes... I just don’t feel like doing it at my own house. I love all the benefits of feeling organized (relaxed, things under control, not stressed, efficient...)

Yet - it can be hard work to get there, right?

So, I enlisted my children on a closet decluttering project - which involved a little-kid version of the KonMari method.

The best part for the kids, of course, was tossing everything on the floor.

And the next best part: choosing their favorite pieces of clothing to put back in.

The kid who had the most fun during the decluttering process? Little sister. She is now old enough to choose her own style and identity, so the truth was revealed in this process: she doesn’t much like the style of the hand-me-downs she gets from her sister, but all those clothes were clogging her drawers. So, she easily filled a bag of clothes to go...

The next step was planning out what actually fits in their closet, what I would ideally like to add into the closet, and how to make the whole thing more efficient.

First, I made a note (in Evernote - you can see it HERE if you’d like) of all the actual contents in their closets to make sure that I didn’t forget anything in the planning stage.

Next, I took advantage of the latest Elfa sale at the Container Store and enlisted a professional organizer to help me plan and measure a new closet design. (Yes, even professional organizers need professional organizers! )

I am so pleased with the results. As our my kids. Sure, they can more easily find what they need. But the BIGGEST BENEFIT is that they can easily put things away where they belong. BINGO! I just wish I hadn’t waited so long on this project!

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