Taste of My Own Medicine: How Evernote Saved Me From A Snowstorm

Last weekend, like many folks taking advantage of ski week, my family and I took off for the mountains. As we rounded down into Donner Pass on Highway 80, we felt it: the familiar clump-duty-clump of…you guessed it…a flat tire. Grrrr. Snow was coming down steadily, and we were so close to the ski slopes - we could nearly taste it. Frustration levels immediately began to climb.

First thought: Let’s call AAA.

Second thought: Where’s the card and the phone number?

Third thought: no problem. I’ve got the info in Evernote. Check, check.

So, yes, we called AAA immediately, thanks to the fact that I had photographed a copy of my card.

[The hard part to swallow was that it was going to take over 2 hours for a AAA service provider to help, so at the end of the day, my husband changed the tire alone anyways.]


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