Get Your Creative Juices Flowing. It’s Craft Month.

Yes, it’s Women’s History Month. That should not go unannounced by a female entrepreneur. But did you know it was National Craft Month, too?

My personal word of the year for 2016 was CREATIVITY. It seems like most of my hobbies - making photo albums, writing, keeping in touch with friends - take place on the computer. Sigh. I needed a new hobby that doesn’t involve a screen. So, for 2016, I’m trying to be more creative and crafty - without using the computer.

Plus, I want to be an example for my kids - there are plenty of fun things to do without facing a screen!

For starters, I hosted a Coloring Party in January.

Second, we set up an ‘art room’ in our guest bedroom/playroom. My husband built two tables on wheels out of the wood from our old worn out deck. (Now who cares if the glue gun drips glue on the table?) The kids loved sorting out art supplies...and recycling the dead magic markers.

Our current favorite pastime these days is any project with mode lodge and canvas. And I’ve even made some new throw pillows with our sewing machine that has been resuscitated.

Do you have a craft project that you haven’t finished? See if you can get to it this month!

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