It's "Old Stuff Day". Seriously?!?!

Today is officially OLD STUFF DAY. And no - I didn’t make this up. Starting immediately, (now that I know about this day,) OLD STUFF DAY is my third favorite holiday (after Thanksgiving and Easter.)

When else do we take the time to be nostalgic - on purpose? Besides attending a funeral or the occasional flip through a baby book, when do we take time to look at the old photographs, the handed-down relics, and the memorabilia that we save? Well, haul it out today. Even for 15 minutes. Relish those items you've been collecting, saving and cherishing. Take some time today to appreciate the old. The way things have been. The way things used to be. Go ahead, shed a tear, even.

Confession Time: Here’s some of my old stuff.

Here are some ways to celebrate - just for fun:

Visit a Junk Shop or Antique store, or a museum. Appreciate the history of the way we used to make things. (Notice I didn’t say buy anything. You can appreciate without spending money or adding clutter to your life. If you feel so inclined, snap a photo of something cool you find. )

Take a stab at decluttering your memorabilia. Find anything that doesn’t pull on your heart strings anymore? It’s okay to get rid of it! You have permission. Donate it to a charity, or find a responsible way to recycle or dispose of it.

Check out the History Channel to learn something that happened on this day a long time ago. Or, read that family genealogy report that your second cousin once-removed put together about your lineage. It’s time! Or, check out to learn something new about your family. There is a lot to discover.

Finally, take a few minutes to reflect on the PRESENT today. As our own children grow up, it’s today’s world that will become their history. Their old stuff. Their relics. It’s amazing how quickly our things - especially technology - can become outdated. So, let’s appreciate what we have before it becomes ancient.

Have fun with this day!

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