OLWH: Kitchen Designer Sets Up A New Business

Why the Client Called Me: My client is a kitchen designer. She recently left a large firm and started her own business, and she wanted to set up her business from scratch in an orderly manner. She is a very organized person by nature, but she wanted to tackle her business paperwork.

Her business requires a lot of forms: new client forms, project management, product information forms, tracking purchases/delivery dates for clients, vendor information...and more. She also has another layer of complication: she has a Windows computer for her design software, but uses mostly Apple products (iPhone, iPad and an Apple MacBook) for daily productivity, like email, phone calls, taking notes, etc.

Solution: The first step became learning how to use Evernote for her business. We learned the basics of note-taking, web clipping, sharing and scanning with Evernote. We also planned out her digital structure in Evernote, set up consistent naming conventions, and worked on how to use Evernote across all her devices.

Outcome: After a few lessons, the client now knows how to properly get her information (client data, vendor data, product information, etc.) into Evernote.

In reality, the tricky part is learning how to navigate the different interfaces of Evernote on all her devices - and it is not easy right off the bat, in truth. Evernote looks different between Windows and Apple devices, and on the desktop computers versus the mobile devices. But the more someone practices using each device, the more comfortable they become on each devices. This kitchen designer is happy to know that all her data is in one place - and she continues to get more successful at leveraging the power of Evernote to have all her data accessible to her no matter what device she is currently using.

#DigitalOrganizing #Evernote

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