The Health Benefits of Tea

So many of us turn to coffee to kick start out minds and bodies at the start of a day. Perhaps we’ve not slept well, or perhaps we feel exhausted at the thought of what lies ahead in our busy days. While coffee certainly gives us a boost, it can be short lived and the inevitable crash can leave us lower than before that first espresso!

A smart way to ramp up your energy levels and sustain them at a speady level during the day is to drink tea. Tea is packed with anti-oxidants (especially green tea) which help burn fat, and releasing energy throughout the day. There is some caffeine in green and black tea but because it is delivered alongside some incredible anti-oxidants such as l-theanine, the caffeine peps us up but is oxidised steadily and we don’t get those spikes and crases associated with coffee and the dreaded coffee jitters.

If you love the strength and taste of a coffee, a yerba mate tea is worth trying. It has earthy strong flavors and a real kick to it, you’ll notice it keeps you feeling fresh for longer. Tea is also great for hydrating you and many people fill a flask to sip their tea during the day.

Tea before a meal can act like an appetite suppressant and some of the specially blended herbal teas for weight loss of detox can help with bloating, lethargy and a host of digestive and stress related symptoms.

Coming full circle back to the start of the day, by switching to green or black tea by day, and chamomile or a sleep tea in the evening you’ll sleep so much better that when you wake in the morning you’ll hardly feel that pull of the coffee machine. Break the habit and start drinking tea daily. There are so many flavors to explore from all around the world

Chances are that these important measures of our health and wellbeing are out of alignment. We face a lot of pressures in the modern world and there can be a vicious circle where energy, sleep and stress can start to pull us down.

One way to reset the stress levels, increase energy and ensure a good nights sleep is to do a herbal tea detox. The benefits of 14 days clearing our bodies of caffeine and ensuring we get that antioxidant punch plus all the incredible benefits of the herbs mean we can feel like a new person.

As a qualified Naturopath I like to help people using natural and safe remedies, which are effective for these modern ailments such as stress, lethargy and poor sleep.

A few days into a tea detox using a herbal tea (not a senna-based tea, these are just laxatives and not a proper detox at all), we start to feel lighter and leaner as the bloating starts to ease. We feel calmer and less frazzled with no caffine in your system. With the digestive system and major detox organs (liver and kidneys) supported by the herbs our bodies will digest food better, extracting all the energy and leaving us feeling fuller for longer. Plus we’ll sleep better so will awake refreshed and bright. Maybe even before the alarm clock!

So as Spring beckons, it’s a great time to think about a gentle herbal tea detox to refresh body, mind and spirit.

Sophie Howard is the CEO and Founder of Higher Tea. Higher Tea is a collection of certified organic, loose leaf teas that Sophie personally sources the ingredients for from throughout the world. Sophie was born in the U.K., and currently resides in New Zealand.

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