Clutter-Free Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day.

We’ve just been through a month of decluttering, right, so why bring it right back in with Valentines day? Here are a few ideas to show your love without dragging along a lot of extra clutter. (And yes, we left out the standard chocolate and could come up with that by yourself!)

Ideas for your Spouse/Parter/Parent:

  • Write a real love letter or poem or sone (or read one you feel fits your feelings about your partner).

  • Leave notes of appreciation throughout your house for your partner to find.

  • Make a special breakfast for your partner.

  • Take care of the morning routine with your children and let your partner sleep in.

  • Flowers are classic and can bring joy into your home on a winter’s day.

  • Give a “service” like a pedicure, massage or car wash gift certificate.

Ideas for Your Kids (that won’t rot their teeth:)

  • Write down all the things you love about your children and put them in a decorated box or jar.

  • Include a “love note” in your child’s lunch box, or put it their room to be discovered.

  • Have an old-fashioned family dinner with game night afterwards.

  • If you are keeping a journal for your kids, take some time to write down 3-5 things about your kid you love at this age. Share it with them, too!

  • Create a jar with ingredients to make cookies - and make a date to do this together.

Ideas for Kid's Classroom Valentines:

  1. Instead of sending candy to school (even if you school would allow that, why not send a packet of flower seeds?

  2. If you want to send a treat, why not popcorn instead of candy? Your child can decorate the brown paper bags while you make the popcorn - it’s all consumable or recyclable or compostable. Check. Check.

  3. Unleash your child’s inner creativity and see if they can draft a poem about their class that can be shared with everyone.

  4. Who doesn’t love new school supplies? Try passing out fresh, fun new pencils to your classmates.

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