Old School Mindset Isn't Going to Cut It

Fresh Ideas for Organizing Your Life

old-school mindset: I need a file for every piece of paper, and every type of bill, invoice, receipt. I have to save everything and file it away, then when the cabinet is full, I’ll purge - or buy a new cabinet and start over.

new-school mindset: Nada. Create file folders that are self-purging, meaning that you use the same folders each year. When one year is done, save what you need for taxes or legal obligations in an archive folder/box, recycle the rest. Use the existing folder for the new year. Make the hard choices up front about what to keep and what to toss (i.e. shred or recycle.)

old-school mindset: Save all your bills and invoices in a file.

new-school mindset: Pay them and be done. You can access most information about your accounts online.

old-school mindset: I need a rolodex.

new-school mindset: Scan your business cards with Evernote.

old-school mindset: I need to save my receipts.

new-school mindset: yes, you need to save your receipts for business purchases and tax decisions - but you an save them digitally.

old-school mindset: I need a binder of all the specific information related to my home (warranties, paint colors, repair information.)

new-school mindset: cut your files in half (or more) by downloading PDF versions of your appliance warranties, saving decorator notes, etc. all digitally. I am partial Evernote, but Dropbox or other cloud solutions work well, too.

old-school mindset: I need an upright file sorter to hold all my paperwork.

new-school mindset: you need a charging station, not a file sorter, or ‘coffin’ where papers go to die.


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