OLWH: Delayed Decisions in the Attic

Why The Client Called Me: This family is like many of us…using every inch of space in their home for, well, living life. So the easy-to-access attic was where ‘everything else’ lived until a decision was made what to do with it. Outgrown toddler toys, years of kid artwork and memorabilia, luggage, old linens, furniture pieces, lamps and more. But it had come time to make those decisions…the family was planning a move in the near future, and they certainly didn’t want to pay to move all the accumulated clutter to their new home.

Solution: We started by pulling out everything from that was low-hanging fruit, meaning things that were easy to get rid of. Extra broken lamps, old linens, old VCR tapes. Then, we triaged the rest of the stuff inside the attic itself. We pulled out into the playroom and organized by category everything that needed to go out: Give to Friend/Family, Donate, Shred, Recycle, etc. At the end of the day, we had the piles all set to take away.

Outcome: Remaining in the attic was memorabilia, luggage, seasonal decorations and clothes that the children will grow into. All items are safely stored in clear plastic bins and labeled neatly. But the greater outcome is the feeling of relief from having removed all the excess and unused items out from over their heads.

#OLWH #storage #attic #kidartwork

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