Bring Back Your Inner Child

I am just loving this new adult coloring party trend.

First, it’s fun (for me, anyways.) I love the relaxing aspect of coloring and the fact that it requires only a few supplies, which can be as inexpensive as a package of crayons. The smell of freshly sharpened pencils or the aroma of wax when you crack open the box of crayons takes me back to being a kid when the measure of time had no meaning. Not many activities do that for me anymore.

Second, I’ve heard there is pretty solid evidence that coloring can be therapeutic. In fact, Carl Jung recommended coloring to his patients as a way to combat anxiety and practice mindfulness.

Coloring can be a solo activity, or one shared with friends. No matter with whom, where, when or how you color, there’s no denying that the simple act of adding color to black-and-white line drawing is fun. It offers a sense of accomplishment and can de-stress a busy day in no time.

If you were lucky enough to receive a coloring book over the holidays, go ahead…crack it open. Break the spine. Write your name in the book. Claim it..and start enjoying the simple pleasure of coloring.

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