Dinner is Served

Last night, I ran out of energy to make dinner and my husband was at his weekly hockey game. I told my oldest daughter, Zelle, that she could make anything she wanted to for dinner - as long as it was for all three kids. (I was thinking cereal…)

I went to my office (and played on the piano) and…she enlisted her brother and sister, put on her apron, pulled out a cookbook and got to work.

Zelle made pasta + cheesy cream sauce & broccoli by the book, then cut up bananas and added a cinnamon ‘drizzle’ (and I quote.) She then went out to the tool room, found a 4-wheeled dolly, set a bench on top of it, and laid a table cloth across the top. She then served up all 4 plates with pasta, broccoli and bananas, with a larger plate covering each one to keep it warm, and set all of it on the homemade food cart. Sister Kacy set the table with candles, brother Mac manned the music (“Nashville" sound track on iPhone.)

They called me in for dinner, where they had laid down a red carpet leading to the table, dimmed the lights, lit the candles and started the music. I was told to follow behind Zelle, sit down and wait to be served. Zelle served the plates, stacked the extra top plates that were busy keeping the food warm; Kacy poured the milk. (someone had even tied a ribbon around everyone’s glass.)

No one complained about the food or got up. We had a totally civilized meal with no interruptions - just love in our hearts. It was truly and amazing experience - one of those special memories I hope to remember as a mother. I should run out of energy more often…maybe?

Here’s an easy recipe that you can try with your kids, too.


courtesy of Cherie Corso


olive oil

garlic powder

onions (frozen)

chicken (already cut from store)

lemon (fresh or squeeze)


Use the frozen chopped onions, put in frying pan with oil, and garlic

add chicken

saute and serve

#cookingwithkids #recipes #dinner

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