A Taste of My Own Medicine: Updating my Passwords

I’ll admit it. I know full well that I shouldn’t have the same password for my online log-ins, but it’s just so easy to remember after all these years.

Until recently, when I became “Avery Mitchell” who lives in Alabama and buys a lot at Walmart.com, did I do something about it. [Enter self-pity sounding sigh.] What now?

Step One: Find a password manager. Done. LOVING LastPass. It’s great for both aggregating all the sites where I have an online presence (which is worth something in and of itself) AND it remembers my passwords. LastPass was recently purchased and though I hope there is no interruption in excellent service, there is also 1Password and Dashlane which gets excellent reviews from Steve Dotto, someone I highly respect for all things tech related.

Here’s the hiccup - I was afraid to have LastPass generate a random password on my behalf. It seemed like the application was taking over my online life. So, I continued with a few basic passwords for most everything.

So finally, I have found a formula for creating my own unique passwords that really works. I wanted to share it here, because it seems easy enough for everyone. Thank you to the good people at Purewow for the tips!

  1. Think of a phrase you like and will be able to remember. (Some stop here and make this a password, but you still need to make it unique.) Let’s try: “To Be or Not To Be."

  2. Using the first letter in each word, alternate capital letters and use some numbers to come up with your base password: “2BoN2B”. Obviously, come up with one of your own that makes sense to you.

  3. Lastly, for every site you have to log into, use the first letter or two of each syllable of the name of the site. For example: Gmail - “GM” or Amazon - “AM”. So, your passwords will become:

  4. 2BoN2BGM

  5. 2BoN2BAM

Not so bad when you remember the formula, huh?


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