8 Things You Can Declutter Now

It’s a new year. Go ahead - make your resolution list and see what finds its way to the top. I’ll estimate 90% of us have decluttering and organizing somewhere on the short list of our goals for the year. Looking for a place to start? Try the items below. Trust me, you won’t miss a thing. If you enjoy checking off this list and want more, visit our website for January’s 31-Day GO Month Challenge!

Travel size toiletries. Are you one of those people who grabs shampoo and conditioner from the hotel - just because it is essentially “free?” If you have a huge stash that you have been keeping for your next trip, think about donating it to a local charity that accepts such items for homeless or people in transition. They need it more than you do.

Taxes from 2008 or earlier. As of 2016, you don’t need all those archived taxes from any year before 2008, generally speaking. They take up space, attract cobwebs - and maybe even wood rats, depending on where they are stored. Of course, it’s always a good idea to check with your accountant before shredding those taxes in case there is an extenuating circumstance, but once you get the green light, go for it.

Broken items you are not going to fix. I was hanging on to a kids swing that had deteriorated in the sunshine over the summer. And why? Because I thought I would actually purchase some new stretch-rope and re-weave it. And guess what. The whole summer went by and…nada. So, I sent it on its way. Are you holding on to a "project" to fix? If it doesn’t bring you happiness, free it up. Your peace of mind might be worth more than the item itself anyway.

Kitchen gadgets. What small appliances are lurking in the back of your kitchen, but haven’t been used in a while? What wedding gift takes up space, waiting for you to use it- someday? Fondue pot? Ice cream maker? Free the item, free the space, and you’ll be left with greater satisfaction than the short high from making your own bread.

Old medication. Many of the pills in our medicine cabinet are way out-of-date. Are some of those little orange bottles unidentifiable, anyways? If you can’t remember the purpose of the pills, or they have expired, toss them out. In some places, there are community-based drug ‘take-back’ program. But almost all medicines can be thrown in the household trash.

Party supplies. Spider-man paper plates, New Year’s napkins, Happy Birthday cups. Are we really going to use them again? Will we have enough of one pattern to use at the next party? Most likely, you’ll buy them again. So recycle the remainder or compost it, if your municipality allows.

Books. Keep your classics, but hunt out the fly-by-night thrillers in your paperback collection - the ones clogging your nightstand and bookshelves. Most likely, you won’t pick up these same books again, especially with your e-reader sitting next to you.

Clothes. You’ve heard this one before, but it never hurts to edit your closet. Clothes you keep should fit, be in style and not need major alterations. Don’t let the price of a garment guilt you into keeping it. If it was a bad purchase, let it go and move on. Your closet is prime real estate. Fill it with your wardrobe hall of fame.

There are 8 easy targets to start decluttering. Let us know where YOU started!

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