Busy Body Workout: No Gym Required

Let me guess another New Year’s resolution of yours besides getting organized… How about exercise? Huh - how did I know? (Maybe because it is on my list every year, too.)

Scott Fay of Stamina Fitness Training, runs one of the best gyms in town - in my humble opinion. The atmosphere is happy and welcoming, I’m never in a style contest for ‘cutest workout outfit,’ and I always feel well-exercised and proud of myself as I leave the gym.

But what about on days when I just can’t swing the gym?

Scott has a lot of requests for what he calls “Busy Body” workouts that you can do at home - or in a hotel. Basically, these are exercises you can do around the hectic schedule of business, kids, trying to keep up New Year’s resolutions...and life in general.

Here’s a sample Busy Body Workout to get you going, and you’ll use your body weight - not kettle bells.

Choose your Workout - 3 Options:

1 set: 10-minute workout

2 sets: 20-minute workout

3 sets: 30-minute workout.

10 exercises, one minute each:

  • jumping jacks

  • planks

  • squats (30-second air squats/30-second squat hops)

  • push ups

  • high running knees in place

  • side bridge (30-seconds on the right/ 30-seconds. side bridge on the left)

  • jumping lunges in place alternating (static lunges in place if you need to adapt)

  • 15 "army crawls” each side

  • 30 tricep dips

  • 60 sit ups (feet together, knees out)

And at the end...

static stretch/foam roll/cool down 5 min.

Got another workout you can do at home? Let us hear about it.

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