What to do with all of those Christmas Cards?

In our family, I’m the official holiday card maker. I know the painstaking process of selecting photographs, playing with the templates, and deciding how much money to spend on cardstock or rounded corners...

So when the floodgates open in December and I’m the recipient of all those gorgeous holiday cards that represent people I love, and time spent making the card…what do I do with them all? (And yes, I do feel blessed to receive so much love at the end of the year!)

First, I do my best to carve out a prominent place in our home to display the cards for us to enjoy during the season. In our house, I clothes-pin-clip them to a red ribbon and hang it horizontally from the ceiling molding. Each card can be seen and enjoyed for the month.

But what happens in January when I want to clean up all the Holiday decor?

Recycle most of them, but with the truly special ones…here are a few options:

Keep cards within reach - but tame them.

In our living room, we have a large wooden bowl of random photographs. Sure, i’ve got albums, too. But we rarely pull those out and look through them. But the bowl sits on the coffee table, so it’s easy to pick up a few photos or Christmas cards in, say June, and feel the love all over again.

Make placemats.

My sister-in-law Kim started the tradition of using old family photographs to make placemats. What a great idea for repurposing holiday cards, too! Take your cards - or photos, glue or tape them to 11*22’ piece of paper (roughly speaking), and have them laminated.

The Old Ziplock Bag Treatment.

Everyone will do what makes the most sense for them, right. There’s always the plastic bag of Christmas cards for each year. And you can do this…but only for so long before you realize you will never look at them again. You love the people in the cards, but bags really do, after a while, become clutter. You can also hole-punch each card and put them on a ring. That might be a step up on the accessibility ladder, but a step down on the clutter scale.

Scrapbook Style.

Many people haven’t made their baby albums yet, so getting around to making a holiday card scrapbook could be low on your list. But, if you do have babies and they are old enough - let them enjoy the fun of taking your most beloved Holiday cards and making them a keepsake. There will be more to remember than just the cards - you’ll also have your children’s handprints all over them.

You can also try Project Life Photo pockets to help contain the cards.

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