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Gift Wrap Central! You’ve started the shopping - now time to wrap up those gifts before little eyes discover them, right? Here are a few tips to help keep wrapping easy as 1-2-3.

ONE. Keep all your holiday wrapping supplies together - not mixed in with your regular gift wrap. That way, everything is ready when you need it: holiday gift cards, ribbon, wrapping paper, tissue. I also throw in an extra pair of scissors, hole punch, festive pens and pencils, stamps and a few rolls of tape. All these smaller items are kept in a clear plastic storage bin with my holiday decorations under my house. Wrapping paper is more tricky - depending on the size you use. Rolls of paper can be kept in an under-the-bed long flat bin, or stand them up in a narrow box or high-sided wastebasket. I also like the WrapIT Gift bag to keep it all together - as long as the rolls I purchase aren’t too long.

TWO. Keep your gift wrap supplies close to the place where you like to do your gift wrapping - whether that is the kitchen table, family room floor or a large desk.

THREE. Think creatively. Gift wrap doesn’t always have to be, well, gift wrap. I have repurposed kid artwork, old maps and plain brown paper with simple bows.

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