On Location: Storage Unit Bliss

I recently helped a client close down her storage unit after 30+something years. What was in there, anyways? Old tennis and bowling trophies from kids (who are now in their late 30s); swim team ribbons from her daughter’s high school swim meets; few old chairs, books that don’t fit on her bookshelves, materials from when she retired from her job. Leftover Holiday Decorations and throw pillows she hasn’t used in years. It’s all just stuff…overflow stuff that was hard to let go of at some point. Until now.

But, the Someday-I’ll-Get-To-It Day arrived. She called me in - and we crushed that place.

Why do people keep things in storage units? Because they don’t know what else to do with stuff. Or they aren’t yet ready to say goodbye. But when you realize that you don’t want to keep paying the costly storage fees, the feeling of freeing up the stuff - and dropping the monthly expense - leaves you feeling elated. (Note that storage is one of the fastest growing industries in America. The Self Storage Association represents over 48,500 facilities in the US - the industry generated over $27 Billion in Revenue in 2014. Source here. That’s a lot of self storage.)

Do you have stuff in long-term self-storage yourself? Once you are ready to let go of it, let me help you say goodbye. You’ll be glad you did.

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