Organizer Approved: Holiday Gifts

Seriously, an organizer suggesting gifts for the holidays? Before you find it contradictory, check out these cool ideas that will brighten up anyone's holiday - without burdening people with a gift that could end up in the 'donations' box or the 're-gift shelf' in your closet. My 5 Favorite Non-thing Holiday Gifts... YouAre Video. For my uncle Peter’s 70 birthday this year, we put together a YouAre Video. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place when we showed it to him. And for my husband’s birthday, we did the same. Same Result. For those dearest on your list, this is a MUST-DO. SPECIAL OFFER: Use FF15 when you book and save $200. Upcycle Memorabilia. Try it…repurpose something meaningful into a useful item and gift that. My friend Jan had an old silver spoon that belonged to her father. Instead of passing it down to one of her kids, who (quite frankly) wouldn’t find it so cool…she had it made into a necklace and now can enjoy it as a piece of jewelry. What do you have in your closet that is meaningful - but just sitting there? Could you give it a fresh, new life as art? jewelry? Get your creative juices flowing.

Time: I know, sort of cheesy and expected in this list. But it belongs on the list! A coupon for a coffee date with a friend once/month for 6 months. But how about a family horseback riding trip in Marin? Paddle board rentals for you and a friend? I love the good folks at 101Surf Sports in San Rafael. Always friendly and you can put in your board right behind their shop. There are so many experiences to be had and so little time. ​ Gift Certificates: This is a tricky one. You don’t want to give your sister a yoga 20-class punch card if she will never go. Or a Crate and Barrel gift card if you are trying to support Minimalism in the world. But a restaurant gift certificate for the two of you? Two movie passes and a calendar invite? That will make it more likely that BOTH of you can take advantage of the gift. (Or course, there’s always the old professional organizing package, too.) Donate to a Worthy Cause. Non-profit gift giving is an alternative, too. Is your brother passionate about green living? Best friend passionate about Breast Cancer? Consider a cash donation to a charity in honor of the recipient. Make intelligent donations by researching various non-profit organizations at Charity Navigator. Some items that are well, things, but I still really like them... Academic Planner: A Tool for Time Management for Students. Have a student who needs to stay on track? This is the best student calendar I’ve seen. Created by my friend and colleague, Leslie Josel. SPECIAL OFFER: Use the code PLANNER20 at checkout for a discount. Zen Alarm Clock. Time to get the smartphone away from your bed! no more excuses that it is your alarm clock. Try this amazing Zen Clock - I ordered one and I’m not joking - I sleep better without that technology right by my head. {Heather}

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