On Location: Evernote Evangelist Saves The Day

Lots of folks know I’m an Evernote evangelist these days. (No, it’s not an official title, but I am an Evernote Business Certified Consultant.)

But here is the truth: I didn’t like Evernote when I first tried it a few years back. It seemed too opened-ended, I didn’t know how to set it up, and I certainly didn’t need ANOTHER app to try and keep up with.

But now, I’ve drunk the Kool-Aid. I will share many more implementation stories and tips in the upcoming months, but let’s start with one case study of a personal styling and fashion company that has revolutionized itself, thanks to Evernote. To protect the innocent, I’ve kept significant company details private, of course.

Quick Background: This 5-person styling and fashion company based in San Francisco, but serving clients virtually throughout the country, needed a cheap way to keep track of all it’s projects, tasks, photos, and critical client information in one place. It seemed like all their projects were in one gigantic heap. Pun intended...

Our Solutions:

#1: Each of the subcontractors managed various pieces of each client’s project. Various personal information, client preferences, related websites for inspiration or examples, actual paperwork and hundreds of photos, all associated with various clients, were all spread across all the subcontractors' various personal devices. Before implementing Evernote, it was a major headache to track expenses, personal client preferences, project status and paperwork among remote subcontractors.

Enter Evernote Business. Notebooks were set up for each client, and everyone was granted access. But that’s no different than a Dropbox, or Google Drive, right? So what is so special?

Evernote is unique because you can keep ANY kind file all in one place. You can record audio, write text or take photos. Related websites, drawings, hand-written notes, text documents, PowerPoint presentations - you name it - all of this can be saved in a central spot in Evernote. All types of information and formats can be accessed and shared among co-workers - or even clients.

#2: At this 5-person company, each team member manages pieces of the projects, though they overlapped. So, we set up 2 notebooks per client. One notebook is for client-facing information and finished projects only. The other notebook? That is where all the work actually happens. They no longer have to send emails back and forth about client work - they can use a shared note to discuss any needs, link to outside documents and websites, and use checkboxes to keep track of their projects.

#3: Because this is a fashion company, all of the team members are exceptionally creative and insightful about design. So, not everyone is typing up notes neatly in notebooks. (like the rest of us? Yeah…right.) Evernote makes it easy for them to keep their ideas in a central notebook - whether they are hand-drawn, written, or ripped out of a magazine. They can now snap a photo of the piece they are working on and save it to the notebook.

#4: By using Evernote, travel expenses have been significantly-reduced for this company, as now the company Founder doesn’t have to fly across the country to meet with clients to share new photographs or project information. Each person simply shares what they need to inside the Client Notebook - and it is available for East Coast or West Coast viewing immediately.

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