Details, details. 

What You Can Expect From A Professional Organizer

Allowing anyone into your home or office can make you feel vulnerable, even if they are family. At Functional Spaces Organizing, we value your trust, and we are here to help without judgement or bias. For the most successful outcome, understand what to expect from Functional Spaces.

  • Complete confidentiality.

  • Non-judgmental and open attitude.

  • Creative and innovative problem solving.

  • Objective Opinion. A non-emotional attachment to your things. 

  • Knowledge of latest products, services and tools to help with your projects. 

  • Continued professional education from the National Association of Professional Organizers. 

  • Maintenance of Evernote Business Certification.

  • Adherence to the Industry Standard Code of Conduct. 

  • Open discussion about the cost of services.

  • An ability to apply the foundational principles of organization to your particular situation.

  • A willingness to do whatever task needs to be done to achieve mutually-determined goals.

  • Physical assistance, including getting dirty, as well as verbal instruction.

  • Assistance in finding another professional resource if it is appropriate or desirable.

  • Assistance finding the proper method to dispose of unwanted items (recycle, donate, landfill) in the most environmentally friendly manner.

Our Business Agreement


The Client agrees to hire Functional Spaces Organizing (i.e. “Organizer”) to:

  • Provide the organizing services as agreed upon for a minimum of three (3) hours per session;

  • Work with the Client to identify what the Client uses, loves and what fits into the Client’s space and life;

  • Teach and transfer organizing skills to the Client; and

  • Set up systems that are consistent with the Client’s preferences.

  • Transport one car-full of donated goods to charity;

  • Recommend or shop for storage, organizing and productivity tools and supplies;

  • Assist in the identification of other vendors, such as appraisers, movers or electricians. 

The Organizer will keep all client information confidential, both business and personal; and adhere to the NAPO Code of Ethics.




To ensure the most effective use of our session, the client will minimize all distractions (phone, email, internet, kids, pets, friends, family members, TV shows, business meetings, business work not a part of the organizing project). The Organizer may also ask the client to complete some homework associated with the project.

The final decision of what to keep and what to discard belongs to the client, and the client will dispose of the unwanted items through his/her chosen method.  

The Client accepts responsibility for decisions made during organizing sessions and is responsible for any loss or damage resulting from discarding or destroying any records or belongings.

​It is the Client’s responsibility to investigate any organizations to whom they choose to give donations or companies they choose to hire. 



The Organizer is not an expert on the valuation of household or business items, and can’t be held liable if something is donated that is later determined to be valuable.

​The Organizer is not an accountant, certified therapist, attorney and will make referrals when appropriate. When in doubt, please consult a professional.

In addition, the Organizer will NOT work with the following items, and these should be removed prior to the organizing session starting: Cash over $200; jewelry including precious or semi-precious stones, medications, stocks, bonds, coin, stamp or other high-value collections; precious or semi-precious metals, checks and uncashed checks, firearms or ammunitions, fireworks or any other explosives. Further, we are not liable for any clock internal movements.



Client agrees to provide at least 24-hours notice for any cancellation or postponement of the scheduled session.  Appointments changed with less than 24-hours notice may be charged a $100 cancellation fee. If the client needs to cancel because of sudden illness, the cancellation fee will be waived.



Appointments are available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday between 9:00am and 4:00pm. A Half-Day Session is approximately 3.5 hours on-site, then 30-60 minutes of shopping and/or drop-offs. A Full-Day Session is approximately 6-7 hours, with 1 hour for shopping/drop-offs. (Donation Items, Consignment, Dump, Recycling, etc.) 



Payment is due when services are rendered unless prior arrangements are made for billing. Payment may be made by check or credit card by arrangement. The Organizer may refuse to provide any additional services until payment in full is received. 



The Client agrees that it will hold the Organizer harmless for all liability caused by the Client’s decision to get rid of items.

The Client also agrees to hold the Organizer harmless for all ordinary negligence (i.e. breaking a vase.) 

While the Organizer carries appropriate Business Insurance, it is required that the Client carries Homeowner’s (or appropriate Renter’s) Insurance.

The Client’s Homeowner policy is the primary policy for any property damage claim.

​The Client agrees to waive subrogation against the Organizer or our Insurance Policy for any claims paid by the Client’s Homeowner Policy.




With the Client’s permission, before and after photos may be taken to be used by Functional Spaces Organizing for educational and marketing purposes. Photos will not include identifying information (i.e. name or location.)

I value your trust. If you have any questions regarding these or other business policies, please ask me.

Heather Walker,