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Initial Phone Consultation

Let's get started discussing your digital organizing needs with a good ol' fashion phone call. At the end of the call, you will have a good idea of what direction to take your project. FREE. 

Let Functional Spaces Organizing teach you a few basic tools for keeping up with the overload of information we all experience. Gain a sense of clarity by learning to tame your devices.  Learn tricks to manage your modern life with cloud-based tools, smartphone tricks and digital organization best practices. We can address your overflowing email inbox, your disorganized desktop of files, password management and online back-up. [Specific area of expertise in Apple/Mac environments.] For more details, click here. FEE: $425. 

Unite your note taking, collection, discussion and presentation of information in a single workspace instead of jumping between apps.Simplify your routines with easy-to-use tools in Evernote.  Learn the basics of this powerful tool for managing your information, finding everything, collaborating on projects and moving towards a paper-less lifestyle.  With Evernote, your information is available to you no matter where you are - sitting at a desk or on-the-go. Functional Spaces Organizing will devote personal attention to your unique workflows and tasks, offering proven tools,  templates and worksheets to help manage your life. Feel calmer, in control and confident with all your information at your fingertips. For more details, click here. FEE: $425. 

Manage Your Modern Life - Evernote Follow-up

Got the basics of Evernote, but want more customized direction in setting up your structure and tasks? Let us help you stay on track with your task and project management with a set of proven tools, templates, and best practices. FEE: $425. 

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